Piecing the puzzle together

Twitter Masterclass is suitable for business owners who want to connect with other business owners. It is a great platform to network with like-minded business and it can also establish online relationships which can lead to offline business.

Set up of Twitter
Optimising your Twitter Bio
Explanation of Buzzwords
Best Practice
Promoted Tweets
Twitter Chats
Supporting Other Business



Instagram for business is ideal for total beginners or business pages who want to reach a higher engaged audience. You will learn how to:

Build your brand through your Wall and Stories (There’s a difference)
Create engaging stories
Use the inbuilt features to grow your audience through Stories
Post on the Wall to enhance your brand
Build an Instagram content plan
Use Instagram ads
Work with Facebook to compliment Instagram



Facebook Advanced is aimed at business owners and marketing managers who already use a Facebook page for their business but are receiving little to no interaction.

Business Manager
Exploring Available Features
Scheduling Content
Creating & Scheduling Post Types (Organic & Paid)
Facebook Ads Type
Facebook Insights
Best Practice




Social Media for Start-Up Businesses is aimed at those who would like to establish an online presence in the market, engage with potential customers and build an online following.

Business Page Set Up
Explanation of Types of Posts
Best Practice
Integrating third party applications
Monitoring & Analysing Insights