Why use video in your Marketing campaigns?

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Why use video in your Marketing campaigns?

06/04/2018 Video Marketing 0

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As we are approaching the second quarter of 2018 it is evident video marketing has proven to be a popular marketing tool among all social media channels. It is no coincidence that video demand is on the rise with the use of smartphones and easy accessibility via these ‘on the go’ devices.

It is important to notice a large volume of businesses are increasing their video usage to engage with their audience and to engage with a new potential audience but it can be also stated that some businesses may be reluctant to implement video due to a number of reasons like budget, shyness, unaware of the benefits.

What are the benefits to using video?

In the case of a business, there can be many positives to implementing video campaigns as a user is 4 times more likely to open the video but implementing a strong strategy and a clear story to tell will benefit both the business and customer:

  • Video can contribute to a higher understanding of a product or service as though the customer is experiencing face to face contact with the business. This can appeal to their emotions has it can portray a personal tone. What you must consider when posting the video online, is where the user is viewing the material from, perhaps in the evening it would be a place like home or in the morning from their work. The aforementioned can impact the behaviour of the customers; business owners and social media managers should be aware of the behaviours of the specific audience to its business.
  • Video has proven results to increase sales and increase traffic to a website. Brand awareness on ‘How To’ videos are an important tool to implement into a marketing campaign as the business is establishing itself as an expert in their industry, this can give the business a competitive edge over its competitors.
  • Video can also contribute to authenticity as the customer can see and understand how a product or service works and subconsciously know if a problem were to arise the business is just a few clicks away with support. Hence the important of customer service online.
  • It is necessary for a business to understand their customers want to see the introduction of video as it adds value to their shopping experience. It also allows for the ‘Share’ function which in turns reaches a demographic that may be new to the business. This can give great opportunity if utilised correctly.
  • Although video is important it is also important to note the quality and storytelling of the video must be of the highest standard possible and ultimately perform well. If the video were to be of low quality it can affect the customers perception of that business and brand.

How can a business stand out amongst the noise?

As a business owner who is passionate about local communities, I realised the need for an online advertising platform called Keep It Local TV. This platform was created solely as a video based, easily shareable episode where it incorporates both businesses and communities to share their local news and offers with a particular focus on increasing the #SupportLocal campaign and ultimately #KeepItLocal campaign. It allows the viewers to engage and connect with potential businesses and communities in their local community through the method of video and also as shown below has a potential reach of more than 3,000 views.

In recent weeks with the destruction of Storm Emma it was evident that local communities up and down the country were brought together to help the elderly and people in need. The Keep It Local episodes have the same principle as it is about supporting local, eating local and shopping local.

In my opinion, video campaigns are a necessity for business owners and should be taken seriously when allocating budgets for marketing purposes.

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