The Instagram Algorithm

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The Instagram Algorithm

09/06/2018 Instagram 0

This week Instagram explained how to use the algorithm which can impact on what content i.e. images and videos are shown to people in the newsfeed. This is particularly important when creating and uploading content to the platform.

What is the Instagram algorithm?

The Instagram feed is primarily tailored to who you follow, what you like and who’s content you like. It is completely based on a user’s past behaviour when using the application which will give a more personalised newsfeed . The more you engage with a profile/page the more likely it will appear in your feed. This is simply because Instagram wants to give family and friends priority and thus the more you engage with these profiles, the more frequent it will appear. Although, pages that you interact with on a regular basis do not necessarily have to be family and friends but this is how Instagram will categorise them.

How does it work?

The algorithm focuses on 3 main factors; interests, time frame and relationships, of course there are other factors to consider but producing great content will inevitably work in your favour. When using the algorithm tactics focusing on interests are again based on past behaviour and a user’s interaction. The posting of content will also be a factor, consider when your audience is active and schedule content to meet this criteria and finally relationships, based on how many times you engage with the content being posted and therefore shown.

The more time you invest into using Instagram the more likely the algorithm will work in your favour but remember the more followers you have the less likely you will see all their content, simply because of the sheer volume and time it takes to consume this information is virtually impossible.

It is also important to note that unlike Facebook, the use of Stories and Instagram Live will not have an impact on where you are ranked in people’s newsfeed. Consistency and good quality frequent content will be the key to unlock this platform.

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