Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Your use of this web site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. DTMarketing reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time. Since you are bound by these Terms and Conditions, you should periodically refer to them in this document.

DTMarketing reserves the right to refer future potential clients to any websites/social media platforms or any past work that DTMarketing has undertaken for any past or existing client which shall be for illustration purposes only to provide illustrative examples of previous work to potential clients


Each individual contract is tailor made for the individual purposes to the client. It shall be a matter for the client to review and approve all prospective work to be published. Materials in advance of publishing and any loss, damage or expense caused and/or occasioned in any manner shall not be the liability or responsibility of DTMarketing


The client shall be required on a regular basis to engage with and fully reply to all queries and/or requests from DTMarketing to ensure that the quality service can be afforded to them. Weekly and/or Monthly meetings will incur an extra fee.


It is a necessary requirement of DTMarketing, in the course of its engagement, that information shall be held by it which shall fall under the remit and protection of the Data Protection Acts as amended. DTMarketing shall ensure to the best of its ability that such information is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Acts, as amended, and where so requiring the consent of the client shall be forthcoming and shall be given for the purpose of the said Act by the execution within the Terms and Conditions Agreement.


These terms and conditions shall be for a period of time agreed upon with the client but after the specified period of time has elapsed shall continue so long as the engagement shall continue to bind the client after determination of the agreement or the otherwise ending of said agreement.


DTMarketing shall retain, exclusively, all passwords to all websites, social media accounts and other such platforms for the duration of the agreement


DTMarketing shall furnish to the client passwords to the websites, social media accounts and such on the termination or otherwise completion of their services. Title does not pass until services are paid for in full.


DTMarketing will only deal with the owner within the client business


Payment shall be made at the end of each month and received within 30 days of issue once DTMarketing has consulted with the client and has fully agreed the scope of the necessary services to be made available to the client.


A minimum website management fee will be payable monthly for the duration of the agreement if DTMarketing designs the website. Any additional services required will be invoiced on top of the minimum fee.


The client shall furnish credit/debit card details as required by DTMarketing which shall be utilised solely by DTMarketing for the purpose of annual website subscriptions. These details shall not be stored by DTMarketing but shall be furnished by the client upon request by DTMarketing for the said performance and purpose which will be advised to the client in advance.


DTMarketing shall generate and plan content on a monthly basis. The client shall supply relevant content by specified time and date requested by DTMarketing. DTMarketing will require information about any planned traditional marketing, i.e. sign writing, newspaper adverts, sponsorship.