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Piecing the puzzle together

The Instagram Algorithm

This week Instagram explained how to use the algorithm which can impact on what content i.e. images and videos are shown to people in the newsfeed. This is particularly important when creating and uploading content to the platform. What is the Instagram algorithm? The Instagram feed is primarily tailored to who you follow, what you…
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09/06/2018 0

Why use video in your Marketing campaigns?

As we are approaching the second quarter of 2018 it is evident video marketing has proven to be a popular marketing tool among all social media channels. It is no coincidence that video demand is on the rise with the use of smartphones and easy accessibility via these ‘on the go’ devices. It is important…
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06/04/2018 0

How to use Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage.

Facebook’s algorithm is what helps Facebook personalise content to what you have an interest in. Facebook looks at every interaction whether it’s a click on a post, location, interest, age, gender and so on. This results in relevant content being put in-front of potential users. They also take note of your online interaction for example…
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19/10/2017 0

Google Analytics: Why is it important for your small business

Google Analytics is the examination of the ‘behind the scenes’ functioning of a website’s interaction with its audience. The benefits are endless to any business particularly in this global economy where, with the increasing role of smart technology, your customer is web interactive. The ability of the software to collect valuable digital data is vital.…
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