It's not about the pieces, but how they work together


Implement and measure a digital marketing strategy to increase your online presence for your business or organisation.



Shoot and edit videos that will sell your product or service in the most effective way. Focusing on your target audience



Fully charged workshops, consisting of Social Media training on all relevant areas to your business. 



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What do we do?

in simple terms, we improve the online presence of a business.
We look closely at things like branding, what is being said online, who’s saying it, why are they saying it, what the competitor is saying and analyze the results and in turn, create a plan to give results.


Search Marketing

We assist your business being found on Google through organic and paid methods 

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Video Campaign Marketing

We incorporate video campaigns into the overall campaign for higher impact

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Social Media Marketing

We manage your social media presence with an ongoing and focused campaign.

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Social Media Campaign

Breeda Nagle Florist

This campaign consisted of enhancing the online presence through implementing a new website and targeting new customers while maintaining strong relationships with the current clientele. We focused on Facebook and Instagram to increase the conversion rate and removed both Twitter and LinkedIn from the mix

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Video Campaign Marketing

Millstreet Tidy Town

This campaigns focused primarily around increasing brand awareness of a new inititative, Smart Store Cooking, where reducing food waste in the home was the main objective. We incorporated video interview by well known local figures and encourage an online conversation by asking each interviewee to cook a dish from the recipe book and explain what happened to the leftover food

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Invest in your online presence

Design & Development
of your brand new
Website with
unlimited power
to increase sales

Your website is our priorty. We strongly belive having an online presence is important, not only being visible on Social Media but also through Google.
A website provides important information almost like a noticeboard where customers and potential customers can browse through your site and make informaed decisions on whether or not to engage with you. 
We create user friendly websites, that display your information along with optimising for digital purposes. They say eyes are the window to your soul.
A logo is a window to your business.
Remember, your business is the apple to our eye 🍏

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What Our Clients Say

“Sarah joined us in July 2016 to help expand What Women Want through many marketing platforms. Her natural ability with all things technical and social media made it so easy to learn from her. Her work ethic and initiative propelled the business to literally double in size! Sarah now maintains our sites but has thought us the importance of relaying ‘day to day’ Salon activity to be interactive and accessible in social media.
Thanks Sarah, love your enthusiasm x”

Noreen Mangan
What Women Want

Anita Doona
Nails by AnitA

“Real geniune interest in small start up business people and very generous with her time and knowledge.Just great.”

Dorothy O’Tuama
Lee Valley Taste Trail

Join us for Social Media Workshops. It will be the best decision you make.







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