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Market Research

Before a strategy can be implemented it is important to understand market research should be carried out on the business, competitor analysis and any unique selling points. Once this is complied, a social media campaign can then be implemented. Contact

Social Media Management

We offer a service that will allow you to focus on the day to day tasks of running a business without worrying about your online presence and giving you back time.

With many platforms being available for business advertising and promotions, choosing the correct one is fundamental to the growth of any business. Contact

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is the fastest growing method in Marketing. Obtaining email addresses of your potential customers or current customers and utilising these addresses in such a way to compliment your other mechanisms. Email newsletter are a vital marketing task. Creating and measuring the results of these emails will give invaluable data in future strategies. Contact

Search Engine

Nowadays being found on Google’s search engine results gives you an edge of your competitors. In the case of my website, did you search things like “marketing in millstreet” or “marketing for small businesses”? Did appear in the search results, that is because in the background of my websites I have entered these phrases so Google will recognise that this is an appropriate page to show to potential clients. Contact

Display Advertising

Does your business want to collaborate with a complimentary business? In the case of DTMarketing, display advertising would be great if a client of DTMarketing would want to be appear on the website in an advert format thus giving more exposure to that specific business through DTMarketing’s channel. Think about a website page where your business would benefit? Contact

Video Marketing

DTMarketing provides video production for any occasion. In recent times video has exploded into the digital world in particular Facebook has been optimised for video more so than just an image. Introducing video into your campaigns will give you a higher reach and interaction. Contact

Press Release

A press release can give the media clear and precise information that represents your company in the best possible way. It outlines exactly how you want your customers to perceive you and can have a long lasting benefit, if carried out correctly. Contact

Sign Making 

We provide a sign making service in a vinyl material for any business focusing on advertising or health and safety signs. The best way to promote your business is on the job. Contact

Implementing an integrated approach to your marketing needs will see an increase in your revenue but understand that a strategy is a long term investment in your business.

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Social Media Total Beginner’s Course

We offer a total beginner’s course to people who have an interest in connecting online to family and friends abroad.

Social Media Beginner’s Course for Businesses

This is a Social Media introductory course for business owners and social media managers with the main objective of giving the business the knowledge of increasing their online presence.

Facebook Adverts

This course is suitable to business owners who have noticed a decline in their organic reach and who would like to see a return on investment.

One to One Training

We offer one to one training for owners and marketing managers on a topic they would like to improve on

Group Training

Group training is suitable to owners and employees. Training can take place in DTMarketing or at the business premises.


Getting in Touch

All enquiries can be emailed to

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